Review of 10 MyProtein Products

MyProtein: Review & Recommendations 

My Protein is one of the leading companies for sports nutrition and fitness in Europe. It is a British online retailer of dietary supplements and sportswear based in Northwich, Cheshire. They offer a great variety of products: Proteins, snacks, bars, minerals, vitamins, a whole vegan line, nut butters, crisps as well as gym and workout clothes. At the moment they offer a 30% discount on bestsellers and up to 50% discount on 300 products. 

I always wanted to order with them and try out different kind of products just out of curiosity and FINALLY I did!

Disclaimer:  This article is not sponsored, all of the products have been purchased by myself also I am not affiliated with any of these brands.

Vegan Pea Protein Isolate (neutral taste)

Nutritional Information 30g: 107 Cal/ 1.5g Fat/ 0.8 Carbs/ 23g Protein 

Flavor/Taste: I usually prefer protein with some kind of taste, however the vegan pea protein is really nice, subtle and creamy only mixed with water. No weird artificial taste. 

Consistency: Perfectly creamy. No difference to its “Whey-competitors”. I have tried quite a few vegan proteins and this is by far my favorite. 

Price: 13.99 EUR/ 1 kg 

My recommendations: 

  • Chocolate Banana Shake: 1 tablespoon oats, 1 small frozen banana, 1 teaspoon dark cocoa, 1 portion vegan Pea protein, 300 ml water
  • Tropical Shake: 1 handful baby spinach, 100g frozen mango, 300 ml water, 1 portion vegan pea protein, half a frozen banana, 1 teaspoon spirulina

Impact Whey Protein (Salted Caramel)

Nutritional Information 25g: 93 Cal/ 0.3g Fat/ 2.5g Carbs/ 23g Protein 

Flavor/Taste: Very subtle taste and not too sweet. Not artificial at all. One of my new all time favorites. 

Consistency: Lovely! Mixed in a blender just with water, it still gets extremely creamy. Add some ice cubes and it gets even more creamy. Yummy! 

Price: 29.49 EUR/ 1 kg 

My recommendation

  • Enjoy it pure, mixed with water or milk.
  • Add berries, banana, spinach or cocoa powder. 
  • Adding ice cubes or a tablespoon of oats or chia seeds makes it even more delicious. 
  • You cannot do wrong. It is delicious in every combination.

Impact Whey Protein (Apple Crumble & Custard) 

Nutritional Information 25g: 102 cal/ 1.8 g Fat/ 1,7g Carbs/ 20g Protein

Flavor/Taste: Interesting! It does taste like apple and slight vanilla. Not really my cup of coffee but i general not bad at all. 

Consistency: Blends very well with water or milk. 

Price: 1.49 EUR/ 25g

My recommendation: It is nice as a shake, however I think this one would fit perfectly with yogurt or curd and freshly cut apple. 

Impact Whey Protein (Chocolate Brownie)

Nutritional Information 25g: 103 Cals/ 1.9 Fats/ 1g Carbs/ 21g Protein 

Flavor/Taste: Not too sweet. Could have a stronger chocolate taste. Good but not my favorite.

Consistency: Very nice with both, water or milk. Creamy consistency, when using a blender.

Price: 8.49 EUR/ 250g

My recommendation: Add a teaspoon of dark cocoa powder and ice cubes before blending for pure chocolate joy.

Protein Pancake Mix (Chocolate) 

Nutritional Information 50g: 191 Cal/ 3.2g Fat/ 6g Carbs/ 34g Protein 

Description: High quality proteins from egg, milk and whey. I was very excited to try this one, it was one of my top products I was curious about. 

Flavor/Taste: Very sweet. Only a slight taste of chocolate.

Consistency: The recommended amount of 100- 150 ml milk/ water is a little too much. 80-100 ml is more than enough and still gets pretty liquid. However, baked in a pan it does get kind of fluffy. 

Price: 5.99 EUR/ 200g

My recommendation: Mix a traditional pancake dough and exchange half the flour with the protein pancake mix. In this combination the product is not too sweet and tastes delicious and gives normal pancakes a protein boost. 

MyVitamins Collagen Powder (Lemon & Lime)

Nutritional Information 23g: 73 Cal/ 0g Fats/ 0.3g Carbs/ 18g Protein 

Description: Fruity taste, ideal for muscle growth and muscle maintenance and beneficial for the skin. This product is NOT SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS. In my opinion this should be better communicated on the website, because for me as a vegetarian it was a mispurchase. 

Flavor/Taste: The lemon and lime is a little artificial. It is a fizzy drink which could be mixed into a smoothie or a tea and it blends in quite well. However, it has quite a salty taste, which I´m not the biggest fan of.

Consistency: Blends in very well. Like a lemonade. 

Price: 9.49 EUR/ 250g

Sugar Free Syrup (Chocolate) 

Nutritional Information 100g: 2.4 Cal/ 0g Fat/ 0.6g Carbs/ 0g Protein

Description: Vegan, gluten free, fat free and sugar free.Great variety of different flavors. 

Flavor/Taste: In my eyes it has nothing in common with chocolate, neither in taste nor in consistency. Extremely sweet, very artificial and tastes more like dark caramel than chocolate.  

Consistency: Slightly more liquid than normal syrup. 

Price: 5.99 EUR/ 400ml

My recommendation: Put it as a sweetener in a protein shake overnight oats or porridge. Or just have a piece of real chocolate instead 🙂

Sugar Free Syrup (Golden Syrup) 

Nutritional Information 100g: 1.6 Cal/ 0g Fat/ 0.4g Carbs/ 0g Protein 

Description: Vegan, gluten free, fat free and sugar free.Great variety of different flavors. Perfect as a topping on pancakes, yogurts or any kind of sweet snack. 

Flavor/Taste: It is quite sweet but does not have any additional kind of taste. Slightly difficult to portion, the packaging opening is very large. Taste is not too artificial. Really nice to sweeten yogurt, shakes, porridge, overnight oats  or pancakes.

Consistency: Slightly more liquid than normal syrup 

Price: 5.99 EUR/ 400ml

My recommendation: Perfect to add a little more sweetness to your protein shake. Blends in very well. 

Protein Cereal Bar 

Nutritional Information 30g: 92 Cal/ 2.6g Fat/ 14g Carbs/ 4.8g Protein 

Description: Chocolate Cereal Bar with slightly higher protein than normal bars. Perfect snack on the go. 1 bar has less than 100 calories. Turned out to be smaller than I expected.

Flavor/Taste: I’m a really big fan of this cereal bar. It is the perfect kind of gooey, nutty, not too sweet and half coated in chocolate. 

Consistency: Perfect consistency for a cereal bar. Not dry at all and perfectly gooey. 


Alternative/ Similar in Taste: Oats & Whey Protein ( Higher in calories, higher in protein)

Protein Sandwich Cookie 

Nutritional Information 30g: 125 Cal/ 6.7g Fat/ 5.3g Carbs/ 6.7g Protein 

Description: High Protein Chocolate and Cream Sandwich Cookie. Individually wrapped. Turned out different than I expected, it looks more like a huge Oreo cookie than a original chocolate chip cookie, what I expected 

Flavor/Taste: Not too sweet, similar to Oreo cookies. 

Consistency: Very dry, but crunchy. 

Price: 13.99 EUR/ box of 10 

My recommendation: Cut it and put it on top of a yogurt bowl or dip into your cappuccino. Delicious. 

My Favorite Products from this Order

The biggest surprise: Pea Protein Blend Neutral – Lovely taste, high in protein, no weird smell, creamy and goes with anything!  I have tried quite a few vegan proteins and this is by far my favorite. 

Best taste: Whey Protein Salted Caramel – delicious and creamy!

The biggest fail: Collagen Powder – not suitable for Vegetarians!

Best snack: Cereal Protein Bar – love a gooey, chocolate bar! Yum! 

Let me know in the comments down below, what your favorite MyProtein product is and how you prepare it. 

In some of our articles, we may earn a small commission when readers purchase products through our links. Of course there are no extra costs for you.

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