Waterfall in Langkawi

Langkawi Waterfall Guide

Due to travel restrictions and the Movement Control order in Malaysia, we got the chance to discover Langkawi more than we previously planned. What was first planned as a short 9 days stop has now become a minimum 3 week stay on the beautiful, sunny and dreamlike island of Langkawi – that’s what they call stuck in paradise. I’m not even complaining. The island is exciting and multifaceted, what we would not have thought before. Next to its paradise like beaches it has so much more to offer. This island is perfect for hikers and nature lovers of all kinds. 

A little disclaimer here: We do obey to all rules from Malaysian Government: we do not join any kind of mass gatherings for religious, sport, social and cultural activities, we socially distance ourselves, we only get our food for take away and only do grocery shopping when needed. 

My Hiking Essentials 

Langkawi Waterfall Guide

1. Seven Wells Waterfall

Telagah Tujuh, how seven Walls waterfall is called among locals, is located at Telaga Harbour Park, almost next to Langkawi´s Cable Car Station. Just like 500 meters further you will find the parking space to start your hike. We do have the luxury of an almost empty island, as most tourists left due to Covid 19. This gives you the opportunity to experience nature on a completely different level and makes social distancing pretty easy. Usually there would be a parking fee (RM 2) and an entrance fee (RM 5) but but the place was completely deserted, except for one or two locals enjoying the sun. The area is divided into seven natural pools formed by water streams on different levels. After 100 meters and quite a few steps steep uphill you will find your first stop. We were lucky as usually you cannot expect any water as it is currently dry season, but it rained the day before so at least some water curdled down. The natural pools were pretty empty though, and as much as we would have loved to go for a swim, it was not possible. The dry season on Langkawi is from mid of November until mid of April. If you happen to stay on Langkawi at this time of the year, make sure, before visiting the waterfalls, there was at least some rain.

If you decide to continue your hike, around 550 meters uphill, you will find a platform, including an amazing view on the woods, natural pools and the Seven wells waterfall from the top. I consider my partner and myself as quite fit people, but we totally underestimated the heat and the humidity in combination with hiking. Make sure you bring enough water with you and some good insect repellent.

On top you will find public bathrooms and public prayer places for women and for men. At the very beginning there are a view shops, where you can buy drinks, food, snacks, ice cream etc. which were of course closed, when we visited the place. Take care of your belongings, cheeky monkeys are awaiting you and your snacks.

2. Temurun Waterfall

Before you continue reading, let me tell you, this waterfall was completely dry. People told us before that there might not be any water, but we still wanted to check it out and get some movement in. Temurun waterfall is located on the northern coast of Langkawi in Datai Bay Area, a few hundred meters after a gorgeous little beach called Pasir Tengkorak Beach, which we found after our hike, to cool ourselves down and enjoy some hours in the sun. The hike itself is not very exhausting at all – 15 minutes walking through the forest and there he is: the totally dry waterfall 😉 Some parts of the path are steeper than the others but you will find a railing on the side in order to hold you.

The natural swimming pool at Temurun Waterfall was filled with water, however we didn’t really fancy to swim in it, as no water exchange took place in the last few months. We had the cutest hiking company, a very friendly dog, who joined us for the whole hike. Even without water the place was beautiful. It is the highest waterfall in Langkawi, surrounded by a beautiful forest.

Please be careful: this forest is full of monkeys and sometimes it’s hard to see them at first sight. My partner almost ran into them – they were scared, we were scared, of course I fell, my things were flying around, the perfect chaos I would say. But no worries, no animals (or humans) were harmed in this scenario. Again bring a good insect repellent, as this forest is not only full of monkeys but also full of mosquitos. Honestly I was surprised there was still some blood left in my body after this hike (I unfortunately have to admit, animals (and humans) were harmed in this scenario).

3. Durian Perangin Waterfall

Durian Perangin Waterfall is located at the north east of the island. It is undoubtedly my favorite waterfall and my favorite waterfall hike in Langkawi. It is composed of 14 tiers and divided into different natural pool sections. The name derives from the tropical fruit trees Durian which you can find in the forest around the waterfall. The entrance fee of RM2 is nothing considering the beautiful little piknik houses next to the well-maintained trails uphill. At the beginning you will find a few shops and a small restaurant if you want to stock up on snacks and drinks.

A short 15 minutes hike later you will find yourself at the end of the trail. We were lucky that the waterfall was full of water, as well as the natural pools, as we visited it in the dry season as well. The harmony and relaxation were literally in the air and after enjoying the view for a while we went for a little swim to refresh ourselves.

Summed up, I can definitely recommend touring around and visiting Langkawi’s beautiful waterfalls when you need a change from the usual beach routine.

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