My Summer 2020 Obsessions

Summer is almost over, but these obsessions will stay...

Days are getting shorter; it is getting colder outside already and here he is: September. I know some people might disagree, but for me as soon as September starts, it is autumn and I´m so ready for it. Don´t get me wrong, I love love love summer, however there is something about getting all cozy in September, fluffy blankets, cozy pullovers, hot teas, colored leaves, cinnamon and pumpkin spice and crackling fireplaces.

However, before the season officially changes on the 21st of September, I wanted to recap on my Summer Favorites of 2020. These are all the things across the board, that I have been loving this summer and most of them will definitely stay through autumn and winter.

Disclaimer:  This article is not sponsored, all of the products have been purchased by myself also I am not affiliated with any of these brands.

Essentials for the last sunny days at the lake

Zaful Bikinis

I got myself two new bikinis from Zaful which I have been loving. I have been hesitant to order with the brand for years, as I  didn´t like their return policy: either you cannot send it back at all or the costs are excessive. Not knowing which size, I am, always kept me from ordering. Only recently they started to sell on Amazon as prime products, so I finally decided to order. 

My Tips for Zaful Orders: 

  • Size up
  • Do not order white Bikinis or clothes they will be see through, or make sure that the material inside has a different color
  • Order on Amazon and not on their website (better return policy)
  • Quality and fit are comparable to H&M Bikinis 
My Favorite Water Gadget

Awaken the child in you. No kidding, we had so much fun with it. It can even carry 2 people and you can splash around for hours, relax and enjoy the sun. The purchase was totally worth it.

My Favorite Make-Up, Skin & Hair Care Products

La Roche Posay

I almost changed my whole skincare to La Roche Posay products. A prebiotic formula regulates the microbiome of the skin and it provides moisture for 48 hours. My face is super sensitive, and this is the first moisturizer that really works for me. I have been using the Toleriane sensitive Crème during the day and the Toleriane rich during the night.

Maybelline Fit Me Make up

During Summer I try to let my skin breath during most of the days, however there are some days where I don´t want to do without. The Fit ME! Matte + Poreless Make-up matts naturally and is available in 40 different shades, which is amazing as you will definitely find one that fits your skin tone perfectly.

Lash Serum

I honestly always thought that lash serums are a scam, but guys, let me tell you they actually work. I have tried two different ones: One is on the more expensive side and the other one a lot more affordable. For me both of them worked surprisingly well! However Eyelash serums are a controversial topic, so I would like to recommend at this point to inform yourself about possible health risks in advance.

Kiko Mascara Activate

An almost forgotten treasure. I used to use this mascara all the time, but it has somehow fallen into oblivion: an active mascara for longer lashes. Extreme length with an active ingredient complex that supports the natural growth of the lashes. This in combination with using the lash serum for quite some time will give you killer lashes, I promise.

Wet Brush

This brush was recommended to me by a hairdresser after I complained that untangling my hair is always so painful when it is still wet after washing. This product is an absolute game changer. No pain, no torn-out hair – I love it.

Hair Perfume

Being completely honest, I didn´t even know that there is something like hair perfume. But guys, I am obsessed. I know it sounds weird but trust me with this one, you will love it. Especially if you didn’t have time to wash your hair, the perfume provides freshness “in between”. The fragrance is not too heavy and at the same time not too obtrusive. 

These are the two that I have been loving: 

My favorite Summer Drinks

My Two favorite Summer Drinks are Cold Tea and an aperitif called Lillet. Cold Tea is a life savior for me, as I always struggle to drink enough. Flavored water makes it so much easier for me. I love the no added sugar mint and lemon flavor and the elderberry one. My summer 2020 favorite Aperitif definitely is “Lillet Berry” with Wildberry Tonic and frozen Berries or “Lillet Vive” with standard Tonic Water, mint and a piece of Cucumber. I personally prefer the Lillet blanc but you can also use Lillet Rosé.

– Meßmer Cold Tea

Recipe Lillet Vive
– 5cl Lillet Blanc
– 1 0cl Tonic Water
– Cucumber slice
– Mint
– Ice cubes

Fitness Obsessions

Garmin Watch Vivo Active 3

The Garmin Vivo Active 3 is my first Fitness Watch, and I can already tell: I love her. I have always been hesitant as I thought most of the fitness watches are.. how do I put it … ugly! The Vivo Active 3 however is a gorgeous watch where you can´t even tell on the first sight it is a fitness watch. It comes in different colors, mine is white silicone and rosé gold, which fits almost all my outfits. It has integrated sport apps (yoga, running, swimming and more), heart rate measurement on the wrist and Garmin Pay for contactless Payment options. The battery lasts up to seven days and the Pedometer motivates me to do more steps every day. The feature that shows the calories burned while weightlifting doesn´t really work for me, but it could also be that I´m not using it properly . All in all, I can definitely recommend this fitness watch and it is probably my favorite out of my summer 2020 favorites! So obsessed with it!

Women’s Best

I had an eye on women’s best active wear for quite a while now and this summer I finally decided to order with them. I ordered the Power Seamless Leggings and the Move Seamless Sports Bra as I´m not the biggest fan of the strappy details in the back of the Power Seamless Sports Bra while I love the big cut out in the back of the Move Sports Bra. It is very true to size as I usually wear a small (sometimes an extra small) in everything and also in Women’s Best wear I´m a size small. The material of the Power Legging is very thick, the quality is amazing, and they are super high-waisted, which I love.

My favorite Books

To finish off this blog I want to recommend two books that I have been loving recently. I love the “Make-it-happen”-Mentality of both of the books. Very motivational and inspirational reads for a day at the lake, or a cozy evening at home. 

– The 7 habits of highly effective people

– Girlboss

Let me know if you try any of my current favorites and let me now what your summer 2020 obsessions have been!  If you have any further questions or if you are interested in any kind of exchange or a conversation, please leave a comment down below.

I´m always happy to have a little chat. 


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