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Bad news all over social media, hysteria, panic buying, predictions, statistics, lockdowns, home quarantine, unemployment, politics, opinions everywhere – anybody else sick and tired of it? A topic that should certainly not be underestimated, however shouldn’t it be possible to have a quiet minute and not be constantly bombarded with negative news? We constantly get informed about people dying from the virus, numbers of new infections and how all measures become stricter and stricter in each and every country. This makes me think, where are the positive news? It seems to me as if negative news are constantly being spat on your plate, while you almost have to dig for positives. As an introduction I will give you some positive news as well.

Measures to contain the virus (e.g. extensive travel restrictions, home office, factories shuttered etc.) have led to a significant decrease in emissions and air pollution in various areas, which is already visible on satellite pictures. However it is far from certain, that these effect will be long lasting, but at least we’re giving nature a break.

It can be observed that people increasingly start with self-reflection and question many of their previous habits. Such a break-in of the usual procedures has never happened before. Now is the time to think about what has priority in your life and what not. Many things are no longer taken for granted. A coffee with friends, a hug from your grandma, enjoying the sun in a park? What else are we missing? The material or the immaterial things from our life before quarantine? What do we really need? All questions that many people would not have asked themselves before. A way back to the origin and to the basics.

Also reading about recovery numbers will show you the silver lining. In fact it is just a very low percentage, and in most cases only particular patients which are actually dying from the disease. Nevertheless, the uncertainty is scary, but this is not gonna be part of this blog, as we hear enough of that everywhere else.

You’re already annoyed and bored by the quarantine? You don’t know what to do with your time? Here I have some ideas and inspirations for you what you can do during this time.

1. Start something you always wanted to do but never had time for

  • Remember that book you always wanted to read, but never had time for? 
  • That recipe you always wanted to try, but there was just not enough time? 
  • The business idea you always wanted to work on, but never found the time? 
  • The craft you wanted to learn (knitting, sewing, drawing, carving) but it was just too time consuming? 


I think this time is a time to take a step back and look at everything from a distance. What do we really want to do? Where are the time-eaters that prevent us from fulfilling ourselves? Are we happy with the way everything has gone so far, or can we still optimize everything at one or the other point? If not now, when? Personally I started to practice my handstand skills, I´m attending an online course and work hours and hours on this blog, to keep you guys entertained :).  Whatever you want to do, do it! And do it now!

2. “Spend time” with your friends

  • Call your friends and family, especially facetiming your people is important. Make sure everybody is alright, tell them you miss them and that you love them. Expressing emotions is extremely important in times of spatial separation.
  • Virtual dinner & drink nights: Why should distance prevent us from celebrating life together with our friends? Cook something delicious for dinner, turn on your PC, mix a cocktail and look forward to a fun evening with your friends. 
  • Netflix party: You are a movie person and already miss watching great movies with your friends? I have great news – netflix came up with a new feature which makes it possible to watch movies, sitcoms etc. together with your friends including a group chat. 
  • Spend some quality time together with your partner: date nights, board games, romantic dinners on the balcony. 


While one becomes isolated, one realizes how important social contacts are, how important it is to feel close to others, even if a spatial distance is created.

3. Improve your CV and enhance your knowledge

Never stop learning! These days nobody needs to go somewhere specific to expand his/her knowledge, start a course or get a new diploma. Find out what interests you and start now! There are so many opportunities online, which are even for free. Here are some of my favorites: 

I myself started a diploma in Project Management and Process Management shortly before the outbreak, it is in german and not for free though, in case you’re interested: Click here.

And at least I have enough time at the moment, to put everything into it, as a lot of other activities are very much restricted at the moment.

4. Make time for self-care

If the quarantine is our cocoon, you better come out a butterfly. That´s a quote I read somewhere the other day and it is so true. Now is the time to re-evaluate how much time you invest in yourself:

  • take care of your mental health, 
  • start with meditation, 
  • start journaling,
  • go to bed early, 
  • develop a new skin care routine, 
  • drink enough water, 
  • or just sit down for 5 minutes and do nothing. 


You will see you will feel less guilty than in everyday life, where you have a list of 5 million bullet points in the back of your head that you still have to work off. But you shouldn’t feel guilty or bad for spending time on yourself! Keep up this new attitude!

5. Eat healthy and fuel your body

How many times have I heard the excuse that some people just don’t have time to cook healthy and fresh food?  Should this really be the case, I have good news, now we all do. Personally, baking, cooking and creating recipes makes me happy, maybe it will also become your passion, now that you have time to realize it?

Are you looking for inspiration? For food pictures head over to my food gallery. For healthy and tasty recipes including step by step videos and instructions,  check out my recipe blog.

6. Move your body

The same that applies to eating healthier, also applies here. Time is usually a wonderful excuse to use to satisfy your own conscience. Now the time has come when you don’t believe that yourself either. Cut half an hour every day from watching TV or scrolling through instagram or facebook and you have time for a work out (by the way, this works under normal circumstances as well ;)) You can even do it while watching TV if that is something that you fancy. Nowadays it is so easy to work out from home, you don’t even need any kind of equipment. 

Here some inspiration where you can find great online home workouts: 

  • Youtube: just search for 20 minutes HIT workout/lower body/ upper body in combination with no equipment and you will find hundreds of thousands of great workouts. I personally really like popsugar fitness, madfit and workout videos by Natasha Oceane. But you choose – whatever floats your boat. 
  • Instagram: Many instagrammers started live workouts on their channels which I personally love, you feel like you’re in a workout class and will be way much more motivated than doing it alone. Some of my favorites are: Meggan Grubb, Sarahs Day and Krissy Cela. 
  • Fitness Apps: There are plenty of fitness apps, which make it possible to create an individual workout schedule available for free in your app center. I tried out “Nike training”, and would rate it an 8/ 10. You can personalize your schedule and your goals however I prefer the current live workout trend on Instagram. But again: everybody is different, so this might be your thing.

7. Relax

This is my final recommendation or advise. Just relax! I mean really! In order to be happy, it sometimes just needs a beer or a glass of wine and some nice music in the background while doing absolutely nothing. I do think it is great to really use the time we have at moment and create new healthy routines, but on the other hand, it is fine if you don´t. It is not always needed to meditate, or to do some other fancy things to be happier. However if you find one your two things you like, or improve in one or the other way, we at least can get something positive out of this quarantine.

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