Healthy Cheesecake Recipe

Healthy and delicious? Yes it is possible!

Cheesecake is probably my all-time favorite cake. Unfortunately the classic version contains a lot of butter, sugar and double fat cream cheese. As much as I would like to eat it every day, I can’t allow myself to do so with all those calories.   I wouldn’t want to speak against the classic cheesecake version here, and if it fits into your daily diet, then I’m actually really happy for you… and also a bit jealous. 

For all those who are not blessed with an extremely fast metabolism, or are currently eating in a calorie-deficit or generally prefer lighter alternatives, this is the right place. Believe me this healthier cheesecake is in no way inferior to the “full-fat” classic cheesecake. You can serve it straight to the family and no one will notice that this is a calorie reduced version. I promise! 


500 g Low-fat Quark/ Curd Cheese 

250 g Low-fat Mascarpone

80 g Sugar 

30 g Vanilla-sugar 

2 Medium Eggs 

1 Pack Vanilla Pudding Powder 

1 Lemon (Zests & Juice)  


Cream whole cake: 1350 Calories/ 1 portion: 112,5 Calories 

62,5 g Protein/ 1 portion: 5 g Protein

Step-by-Step Recipe

  1. Preheat your oven to 175 degrees celcius
  2. Mix all ingredients together – Do not whisk for too long otherwise it becomes too liquid
  3. Store in the fridge for 10 minutes 
  4. Cover your tart tin with your favorite crust
  5. Fill it with your cheesecake cream
  6. Bake for 45 minutes 
  7. Done! Told you it is fast and easy! 


Want to add some more micronutrients and vitamins to your cake?

Bring 300 g frozen berries to the boil and puree them. Depending on your taste you can either sift out the berry seeds or leave them in the sauce. Add one or two packs of vanilla sugar and let it cool down a bit. Pour the berry sauce on the cake and you are finished with your delious, yummy, creamy, high protein, healthier version of a cheesecake! 


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