Healthy Zucchini Brownies

Vegetables in a Brownie? Ooooh yes! I know at first glance this may sound strange but trust me, once you’ve tried it, you’ll be convinced. Juicy, chocolatey, healthy and delicious? You say this is too good to be true? I’ll prove you wrong. This healthy chocolate brownie recipe is perfect if you’re a little chocolate […]

Christmas Cookie Recipe: Lemon Butter Cookies

All I want for Christmas is you! .. and some delicious crunchy Christmas cookies, a mug of mulled wine, a crackling fireplace and a sparkling Christmas tree.  This time I want to share  the most basic but also extremely delicious recipe for lemon butter cookies with you. This is my grandmothers butter cookie recipe so […]

Christmas Cookie Recipe: Coconut Kisses

Ho Ho Ho! … and Fa-la-la-la-la! Christmas comes early this year and with it some lovely cookie recipes.  There is just something about Christmas Time that warms my heart and makes me happy inside (besides freezing all the time). It is not only the snow, Christmas songs and movies, the peace, friends and family but […]

Christmas Cookie Recipe: Healthy Choc-Chip Cookies

Have Yourself a Healthy Little Christmas Let your heart be light! From now on our troubles will be out of sight! Because now there is no more missing out, even if you┬┤re trying to eat in a deficit (or at least not a surplus around Christmas time) or just if you prefer lighter alternatives. You […]

The Porridge Blog: My 3 Favorite Recipes

Porrdige: The most versatile breakfast there is Porridge is available in a wide variety of different tastes and flavors. You can combine it with fruits, but also with vegetables, you can enjoy it sweet, but also salty. In my opinion, there is something for everyone with porridge. People who tell me they do not like […]

Healthy Cheesecake Recipe

Healthy and delicious? Yes it is possible! Cheesecake is probably my all-time favorite cake. Unfortunately the classic version contains a lot of butter, sugar and double fat cream cheese. As much as I would like to eat it every day, I can’t allow myself to do so with all those calories.   I wouldn’t want to […]

Strawberry Lemon Quark Cake

Deutsch ­čçę­čç¬ Ripe strawberries and a fruity lemon cream Are you also one of those people who treat themselves to a cake at least once a week (if not maybe even more often)? I am an absolute advocate of a conscious, healthy diet, but a certain balance is still very important to me. Nobody should […]

Coffee Overnight Oats Recipe

Creamy, tasty oats with a little caffeine kick .. Getting up in the morning is not always easy. Without my coffee I don┬┤t feel human. If you approach me before my first coffee, you do so at your own risk. We all have those days, where one coffee is just not enough to start the […]

Healthy Breakfast Muffins/ Baked Banana Blueberry Oats

Who doesn┬┤t love a muffin for breakfast? Did somebody ask for healthy, moist and delicious breakfast muffins? Gluten free, soy free refined sugar free (if you use agave syrup instead of the vanilla sugar). The perfect recipe for a breakfast on-the-go or a healthy afternoon snack. Fruity blueberries, sweet banana and crunchy shredded coconut makes […]

Zirbenlik├Âr Rezept

English ­čçČ­čçž Zirbenlik├Âr/ Zirbenschnaps/ Pineliquer Ich sehe, dass du daran interessiert bist, deinen eigenen hausgemachten Zirbenlik├Âr zu kreieren? Nun, das ist gro├čartig, denn du brauchst nur sehr wenige Zutaten, und deinen G├Ąsten einen hausgemachten Lik├Âr anbieten zu k├Ânnen, ist schon sehr ausgefallen, nicht wahr? Lass dich von den potenziellen gesundheitlichen Benefits ├╝berraschen. Er eignet sich […]