My Summer 2020 Obsessions

Summer is almost over, but these obsessions will stay… Days are getting shorter; it is getting colder outside already and here he is: September. I know some people might disagree, but for me as soon as September starts, it is autumn and I´m so ready for it. Don´t get me wrong, I love love love […]

The Ultimate DIY Hair Masks

My Top Tips for Healthy & Shiny Hair Who doesn’t want healthy, shiny, long and bouncy hair? But let’s be real, we don’t always treat our hair the best way. Next to air pollution, cold weather, and wearing hats, we also curl, straighten, comb and wash our hair too often. Harsh chemicals in lots of […]

Study Tips and Techniques

My Top Approaches & Tips on Efficient Studying Remember the times just before finishing school? Where you thought you would never have to study ever again and you were actually happy about that? My mindset is so different today: what a sad life it would be, when you would stop learning at some point. Isn’t […]

Tips for Anxiety & tackling Insomnia

Welcome to a very personal blog on how to deal with anxiety and (associated) insomnia. It will include various practices that I use to relax, calm down and switch off my head. Sometimes more successful, sometimes less successful. Especially times of lock down, home quarantine and social isolation can trigger anxiety and/ or insomnia. Personally […]

Home Quarantine Inspiration

Bad news all over social media, hysteria, panic buying, predictions, statistics, lockdowns, home quarantine, unemployment, politics, opinions everywhere – anybody else sick and tired of it? A topic that should certainly not be underestimated, however shouldn’t it be possible to have a quiet minute and not be constantly bombarded with negative news? We constantly get […]