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Beginner Upper Body Workout

The best thing about this upper body workout? You don’t need any professional equipment, you can perfectly workout from home, and it does not include any jumping, which means it is really not noisy and your neighbors will thank you.

If you happen to have any weights that fits your individual training status it is great, if you don´t, you can easily replace it with anything you already have at home. The easiest replacement would be water bottles, which I personally use at the moment. You can take half liter bottles up to whatever you have at home and fits your needs. Other replacements for weights could be bags of potatoes, wine bottles, rice or noodles – everything works. 

There are two ways on how to execute this workout. You can either do it 

Circuit style: 

  • 45 seconds on – 15 seconds off 
  • Optional: Intensify the workout by including supersets, whenever you feel like they work best for you (Superset: Two or more different exercises performed back to back, without rest in between them)
  • Repeat circuit 3 times – last set in each exercise until fail 

Set style:  

  • Each exercise: 3 set x 15 reps 
  • Last set in each exercise until fail 
  • Rest 20 – 30 seconds between exercises   

Let's start this upper body workout!

Warm up

  • Stretch your arms, wrists, neck and back with your favorite exercises to wake up your muscles 
  • 1 minute: Sprint on the spot 
  • 1 minute: Jumping Jacks 
  • 15 Burpees

Professional weights are not needed in this workout 


Use whatever you have: Water bottles, potatoes, rice, wine bottles – there are no limits to creativity

1. Biceps Curls 

  • Take a dumbbell (bottle, potato, pasta) in each hand
  • Stand upright and position your feet hip-wide apart
  • Bring your shoulders back and keep them there during the whole exercise
  • While exhaling, bend both arms simultaneously up to the shoulders in the lower grip 
  • Afterwards bring the dumbbell slowly down again, do not use momentum 
  • The elbows remain in the same place (close to the body) during the entire exercise (see side view picture) 
  • Concentrate on moving only the forearm. 

2. Arnie Press

  • Pick up two dumbbells in neutral handle and bend your arms and bring the weights in front of your shoulders with a slight forearm turn
  • Your palms face your body, your back straight and your feet are hip-wide apart
  • One fluid movement: turn your wrists 180 degrees and bring your elbows out to the left and right
  • The elbows are at about shoulder height
  • Your palms now point away from your body
  • Continue the movement and push the weights vertically above your head in a controlled manner (close together but do not let the weights collide)
  • Bring the weights back next to your shoulders by slowly lowering 


3. Bent-over Two-arm Dumbbell Row 

  • Hold weights at your sides with a neutral grip and a slightly wider than shoulder-distance.
  •  Your feet are hip-wide apart, bend your  knees and bring the torso downwards (Keep your core tight and your back straight) 
  • Elbows should be close to the body during the whole exercise 
  • Pull the weight upwards to your belly button
  • Bring the weights back slowly to the starting position and repeat

4. Behind-the-neck Press 

  • You take a dumbbell (bottle, potato, pasta) in each hand
  • Stand upright and position your feet hip-wide apart
  • Bring your shoulders back and keep them  there during the whole exercise
  • Inhale and position on weight right behind your neck, the other arm in a neutral position next to your body 
  • Exhale and press your weight straight up (in line with your head)
  • Pause
  • While inhaling bring the weights back slowly to the starting position and repeat 

5. End your workout with power: 

  • 1 minute: Jumping Jacks 
  • 15 Burpees
  • 1 minute: Sprint on the spot 

Don´t forget to stretch afterwards! Let me know in the comments down below if you tried this workout! Have fun!

Rating my new Nike Pro Outfit


Shape: The shorts have the perfect length, not too short and not too long. The slightly wider band at the top has a slightly shaping effect. 

Material: The material is super elastic and is really flattering, and as far as I can tell they are 100% squat proof. 

Size: I wear a size XS and it fits perfectly. I am 162 cm tall and usually wear either a size XS or S in my bottoms. I would suggest to size down if you are in between two sizes, as it the shorts are pretty elastic.


Shape: This sport bra shows what you have. For my taste it is relatively wide cut, but fits perfectly and nothing slips. 

Material: This Bra is pretty elastic as well and definitely suitable for a bigger bust. It is labeled “medium support” but also running works perfectly fine.

Size: My under-chest-measurements is 71cm, and my over-chest-measurements is around 90cm, which results in a 70 F or 75 D. I wear this sports Bra in a size small and it fits perfectly, if you like it tight, otherwise I would suggest to size up.


I’m wearing the classic Nike Downshifter running shoes, and I tend to order them again and again and again. They offer a great support for you feet while running, are extremely comfortable and come in a classic design in a lot of different colors. I´m obviously a black and white gal but I try to be more adventurous in the future. What is your favorite color in running shoes?

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